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Captira 2.0

For help in the new Captira just click the green "?" icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Captira 1.0 - How to Videos

Getting Started
Introductory Training - Defendants & Bail
Using Reports
Advanced Reporting
General Topics

Captira 1.0 - FAQs

What is the password criteria for Captira?
I’ve attached the wrong power to a bond and now I cannot change it.
How do I add or remove a user?
I’ve added a user but they cannot do anything in the toolkit.
I’ve added a user but they have no access to reports or forms.
There is an Agent in my dropdowns that is no longer with my company. How do I take them out of the dropdown?
How do I make certain fields required for entry?
I’ve deleted a defendant by accident. Help!
I’ve added a new transaction or bond in error. How do I delete?
How can I determine what sales report a bond is on?
Captira is not launching for me after I log in, how can I fix that?
I am not able to print in Captira, what do I do?

1.0 Mobile | Login

Mobile is integrated to the desktop Toolkit and your data, simply login with the same username. Easy navigation with key limited features defines bail on the go. After writing a bond, open pre-populated forms and eSign with DocuSign. It is a responsive web page, no need to download apps or register.

Mobile, Desktop and iPads
Add a Defendant
Take or Record Payments


Global Solutions Biz LLC is a specialist overdue bail bond debt collector. To start and upload your Captira overdue receivables, click here. Captira makes it easy, but Global Solutions Biz (and not Captira) provides debt collection services.

How much does this cost?
I have finished the sign up, now what?
Who do I contact?
What types of bail bond debts are collected?
How does the collection process work?
How will I monitor progress and update my Captira records?
How will I receive my funds?
The Defendant has since paid me directly
Change to current receivables? Future receivables?
Collection Agreement & Other Terms