Subscriptions & Success Fees on old Debt


When you sign up for the software you can select between three different subscription packages.

- Free (10 Active accounts worked on at a time)
- $49 per month (100 Active accounts worked on at a time)
- $99 per month (300 Active accounts worked on at a time)

With unlimited uploads, the software will select and work on the subscription number of Active debtor files at a time from the queue. Subscriptions are paid monthly and can be upgraded at any time. 

Success Fees

Success Fees are charged on old debt collected by the software. 

Regular overdue accounts - Free  
(less than 4 months old, no commission)  
Long overdue accounts - 10%  
Pre-Legal up to 6 years - sliding scale
(between 1 - 6 years or more, 30%)

All percentages reflected are as a percentage of the paid amount, whether part or in full. Success Fees are also charged on manually entered amounts where the software has assisted in the collection of the account payable.

Dispute Fees

Should a debtor raise a dispute that an amount is not owing, the dispute action will place reminders on hold while you take time to review and either approve or decline.

Disputes are charged in the software at 20c per dispute.

Additional Information

Success Fees are charged on debt received where the period is calculated between the original invoice date (your date added in the software) and the payment date/s.

Multiple payments received as a result of either part payments or a payment plan result in success fees charged per payment made using the effective payment date and amount paid.

Invoice payments less that 120 days old are not charged a success fee. You will only pay your monthly subscription fees.

An active account uses 1 (one) allocation in your subscription. Whilst Carol is chasing an active account the allocation remains active. Once an account is paid in full or reaches the end of the collection cycle, it is closed and an in queue invoice is allocated.

You can upgrade at any time from one subscription to another. Downgrades are not possible due to active cases in progress.

Nuvei processing fees are negotiated on set up of your merchant account. There is a minimum processing fee of $10 per month, if not reach you will be billed the minimum account by Nuvei