Captira - Your Own App
V1 users only : Thursday 18 April 2024 has an event page planning update. A 16 April 2024 update sent to all primary account holders email or contact

Your Own App


  1. Mobile checkin.
  2. Customized bail agency app.
  3. Permission app-based location identification.

Mobile Location ID - Know Where Your Clients Are 24/7 365 Days A Year Mobile Location ID

Custom Designed Apps - Each App Is Designed Specifically For Each Bail Agent

Panic Button - Allow Potential Clients To Arrange Bail At The Click Of A Button

Client Check-In - Allow Your Clients To Check In By Sending A Picture And Their Location Data

Client Payments - Your Clients Can Make Payments Directly From Their Mobile Device

Document Sharing - Allow Clients To Share Documents And Share Documents With Your Clients Using Their Phone's Camera

Bail Skippers - Share Bail Skippers Info And Images Through Push Notifications To Your Mobile App Users

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