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Enhanced arrest feeds

Get instant alerts from your local jails the moment a prior client is re-arrested. Even if you serviced them years ago.

Confirm Your Case is a new exclusive Captira service that matches your previous clients to real-time arrest feeds based on your location.

There is no monthly fee and charges are based on actual matches made. The first 14 days are on us with a two-week free trial and you will receive all matches free of charge.

In certain states or jails you get instant visibility of other additional arrests made with an opportunity to identify charges and to source family and contact details.

How does it work?

We have created a real-time arrest feed from a variety of sources. We take those arrests and match them up with your specific Captira database. When we find a First Name, Last Name, and DOB that matches one of your previous clients you will be alerted. You can then pursue that client however you see fit and according to your states bail solicitation rules.


There is no monthly fee. All matches are $10 each and there is a 14-day full free trial.

The software runs on a daily budget system. Set how much you would like to spend daily and let the matches roll in automatically. Once your budget runs out for the day, you will no longer receive matches. You will be billed on a weekly basis.

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