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1. Getting Started


Step 1 : Setup Company Information, Agency & Agents


Step 2 : System Configuration & Defaults


Step 3 : Charges, Charge Class & Disposition


Step 4 : Court Information


Step 5 : Miscellaneous Charges Setup


Step 6 : State Rates


Step 7 : Payment Types


Step 8 : Surety & Power Prefix


2. Introductory Training - Defendants & Bail

How to use the Dashboard


Intaking Power Inventory


Defendant Wizard 1 - Defendant and Transaction


Defendant Wizard 2 - Bonds


Defendant Wizard 3 - Contact and Collateral


Defendant Wizard 4 - Review and Followup

3. Using Reports


Step 1: Reporting Sales


Step 2: Finding The Report You Need

Step 3: Using Report Filters

Step 4: Generating and Exporting

Step 5: Working with Views

Step 6: Reporting Exonerations

Advanced Reporting

Customizing Reports


Form Letters Part 1


Form Letters Part 2

General Topics

Processing Refunds


ADI Automatic Calls Configuration


ADI System Configuration


ADI Manual Campaign Setup


Captira Premium Financing


Captira Online Bonding Introduction


Generating an Invoice


Using Calendar Events


Adding / Removing Users

DataMart - Verification Center


What is the password criteria for Captira?

Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, not be previously used, and contain at least one uppercase, one lowercase, and a number.

I’ve attached the wrong power to a bond and now I cannot change it.

This is likely due to the fact that the power is on a sales report.  To correct the bond, click on the blue circle near the power number on the defendant full record.  This will give the report name.  Find that report under “edit report” in the sales report area and remove the incorrectly reported power.  You will now be able to edit the power number on the defendant record.

How do I add or remove a user?

On the full workflow, click on system manager in the lower left corner of the screen.  In the sidebar, look near the top for users.  Click on users.  You should now see a green plus icon to begin the process of adding a user or a red minus icon to remove a user.

I’ve added a user but they cannot do anything in the toolkit. 

Newly created users have no permissions by default.  Go to the users area.  Double click on the user in question.  In the top right corner of that window will be a button labeled permissions.  Click here.  You will now see a list of all system permissions.  Simply click on the permissions you want the user to have.  Make sure the user logs out and back into the toolkit for permission changes to take effect.

I’ve added a user but they have no access to reports or forms.

 Newly created users have no reports or form access by default.  Click on the reports area in the top right corner of the toolkit.  In the top of the reports window look for the permissions button.  Click on permissions.  In this window you will see a dropdown to select a user and a list of all reports and forms.  Simply select the user and then check the boxes for the forms and reports you want the user to have access to.

 There is an Agent in my dropdowns that is no longer with my company.  How do I take them out of the dropdown?

Many items in the dropdown can be made inactive if they no longer are necessary.  Navigate to the full workflow and then click on system manager in lower left corner of the screen.  In the sidebar, scroll down to the list area and find agent.  Double click on the agent in question and check the inactive box on this screen.  This will remove the agent from dropdowns.  Many of the items in the list area can me made inactive in the same way!

How do I make certain fields required for entry?

As an admin user simply right click on the field in question and select mark as required.  Users will no longer be able to save and close the record until all required fields are completed!

I’ve deleted a defendant by accident. Help!

On the full workflow go click on defendant in the lower left.  In the sidebar look for undelete defendant.  Click on this and follow the wizard to undelete your defendant!

I’ve added a new transaction or bond in error. How do I delete?

Search for the defendant in question and open the full record.  If deleting a transaction, click on show grid on the left side of the screen in the transaction area.  Right click the item you wish to delete and select delete.  If deleting a bond, right click on show grid on the left side of the screen in the bond area.  Right click on the bond you wish to delete and select delete.

How can I determine what sales report a bond is on?

Search by power number and open the defendant full record.  On the defendant full record look for the blue circle with an exclamation point inside next to the power number field in the bond area.  Click on the icon.  In this window the name you gave the report that the bond is on will be listed here!

Captira is not launching for me after I log in, how can I fix that?

Check out this page for help resolving issues with Citrix and launching the Captira software.

I am not able to print in Captira, what do I do?

When printing issues arise, it is usually enough log out of the software completely, reboot your computer and then log back in.  If issues persist, you can check out this page for help resolving issues with printing from the Captira software.

Mobile (Beta) | Login

Mobile is integrated to the desktop Toolkit and your data, simply login with the same username.

Easy navigation with key limited features defines bail on the go.

After writing a bond, open pre-populated forms or Docusign eSign.

A responsive webpage, no need to download apps or register.


Use intuitive home screen icons to select an action or select the three lines on the top of the screen to access a drop down menu.

Selecting Payments, Checkins or Court Dates allows you to tap on the Defendant. Below the returned information, switch from this week, last week or next week views.

Selecting a Defendant from Checkins on the Home screen will confirm you are doing a checkin for that Defendant.

Mobile, Desktop and iPads

Designed for a mobile experience, you can also access this on your desktop as well.

iPads can get online using the mobile phone personal hotspot feature.

Add A Defendant

Write and add a bond. This is integrated with your existing desktop system data and works with what you have set up (such as powers per agent) in the normal manner.

Click the profile icon to add picture.

At the end of the process, you can open your pre-populated forms either as PDF’s or start the eSign process if you use Docusign.


Finding a Defendant uses the Search icon on the home screen or the top right blue menu has a search function.

The list displays if there is more than one match including their address but if there is only one match, you go straight to their profile.

On a profile form on the top right you can take or record a payment, record a check in or access forms.


Forms are tied to a Defendant on mobile based on what forms you maintain or setup on the desktop version.

Access forms from a Defendant profile on the top right of their profile (the forms icon).

These include both forms to Download and eSign.

Take Or Record Payments

Record Payments is recording that a Defendant has made a payment.

Process Credit Card is for clients registered with Captira to take credit card payments directly from within Captira (if not, contact support to get this) so you can take and process credit card payments right on your phone and all the data is realtime recorded in your desktop data.

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