Management Software

The leading bail software to keep track of all defendants.

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Parole, Probation and

Case management software, with automated reminders.

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Follow Up Software

Easy automated AI software that can be used in any business.

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Captira 2.0

The new version of Captira is 100% web-based, which means no installations needed. Just login and go on any device.

Captira mobile

Included with our bail software

  • Auto-completed surety forms
  • Simple and easy defendant entry
  • Track check-ins, court dates and payments
  • Seamless sales reporting to your surety
  • Intake, assign and manage your powers
  • Setup payment and check-in schedules
  • Take payments directly through Captira
Matthew Phillips - CTO

Matthew Phillips, CTO

"We really care about our customers. Our clients issue $5+ Billion a year in bail and we provide quality software to match."

Additional Services

Defendant Watch

Defendant Watch

Be notified if your client is re-arrested, anywhere in the country. 

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location check-in

Location Check-In

Get your defendants location every time they check-in.

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Background and credit checks

Background and Credit Checks

Background Checks and Credit Reports to help you make a more informed decision.

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Automated check-in

Automated Reminders

Send automated calls and texts to remind clients of check-ins, court dates, and payments due.

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custom bail agency app

Custom Bail Agency App

Custom app for your agency that will allow your clients to make payments and check-in.

What Our Clients Say

"Captira was honestly the best decision we could have made"

- Duvall Surety Services, ID

"We have been using Captira since 2008"

- Tommy Weatherholtz Bail Bonds, WV

"I recommend Captira to new, experienced and large bail agencies"

- Acme Bail Bonds, CA

"Captira is the best software in the industry hands down."

- Flo's Bail Bonds, TX

"Captira has been a huge benefit to our General Agency with over 100 agents."

- Pride Surety Inc, NC

"We can operate from anywhere on Captira."

- Greg Padilla Bail Bonds, CA

captira bail software

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We have worked hard to be the industry leader in bail software for over a decade.

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