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Captira helps you capture data and keep track of all your defendants.

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Captira 2.0

The new version of Captira is 100% web-based, which means no installations needed. Just login and go on any device.

What do you get?

  • Auto-generated forms and reports
  • Simple and easy defendant entry
  • Keep track of check-ins, court dates, and        payment due dates
  • Seamless sales reporting to your surety
  • Intake, assign, and manage your power inventory
  • Setup payment and check-in schedules
  • Take payments directly through Captira

Additional Services

Defendant Watch

Be notified if your client is re-arrested, anywhere in the country.

Website Bonding

Process bonds on your website with electronic signatures and defendant payments.

Background and Credit Checks

LexisNexus Background Checks, TransUnion Credit Reports, and many other reports will help you make a more informed decision.

Automated Check-In

Send automated calls and texts to remind clients of check-ins, court dates, and payments due.

Custom Bail Agency App

Our partner MobileSoft will create a custom app for your agency that will allow your clients to make payments and check-in.

Location Check-In

Get your defendants location every time they check-in.


"Captira is the best software in the industry hands down."

- Flo's Bail Bonds, TX

"Captira has been a huge benefit to our General Agency with over 100 agents."

- Pride Surety Inc, NC

"We can operate from anywhere on Captira."

- Greg Padilla Bail Bonds, CA

"Captira was honestly the best decision we could have made"

- Duvall Surety Services, ID

"We have been using Captira since 2008"

- Tommy Weatherholtz Bail Bonds, WV

"I recommend Captira to new, experienced and large bail agencies"

- Acme Bail Bonds, CA

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