V1 Event Notification – Captira

Our plan (Thursday 4-18-2024) is in the next 5 - 7 days, subject to no unforseen events, is to:

For Retail bail agencies
, for v1 information to be accessible in v2

For Sureties & General Agencies
, to be able to login to your system including your database for a limited number of users on an alternative platform location

We have an Event on v1. This does NOT impact v2 which is secure in a different datacenter.

We had an unknown third party actor event  and we are only doing email support at this stage at customercare@captira.com

ALL size bail agencies can now use v2 and a big Thank You to the hundreds of agencies who have already switched .
To start using v2 immediately, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Event Notification No.7 : 4-16-2024

April 16, 2024  — We are still in progress in our technical and investigative process, but we do have a status update.

Although we continue to explore all possible recovery options, at this stage, it appears unlikely that the version 1 datacenter will come back up.

Separate from the production environment issue, the client individual database backups appear to have been successfully restored.

The next steps below will be client-specific and depend on which software product you use (e.g., Retail bail agency, Surety or General Agency software). We now will shift from updating this general event update notification page and instead will email updates to our client account holders with information and options more pertinent to each client’s individual circumstances and account.

The account holder will receive an email specific to their product, data and their process forward.

Retail bail agencies can start using version 2 immediately (please scroll to the bottom of this page for more information) and the alternatives for Sureties and General Agents will be included in an email to be sent to your account holder.  

With the current high rate of agencies signing up to version 2, email is our preferred manner of communication, being more efficient than telephonic engagement so all clients can be responded to in a timely manner and there is a FAQ is at the bottom of this page.

Disclaimer: all information on this page and Event notification information is based on updating events as they occur and are provided in good faith but are not to be relied upon in any manner that can be used in, or assert legal claims against Captira or the authors


Update: 3-31-2024

Alternatives for our Bail Agencies

You can start using a V2 account immediately
Use promo code V1EVENT for 30 days free subscription on V2 while we resolve this.
Be advised that V1 data will not be present at this time
The plan as outlined above is to move your v1 data to v2 after resolution
This will be a new account requiring an email as a username, your V1 login credentials will not apply
Version 2 is secure


Step 1 Read the FAQ
on How Do I Use And Learn Version 2

Step 2  Start using using V2  < here >

Use promo code V1Event
when entering your card payment details

This is a hard time in a crazy world
and we are here to answer questions at customercare@captira.com