Captira V1 Toolkit Product Demo
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Captira V1 Toolkit Product Demo


Does your bail software do this?

Document Automation and eSign
Unlimited Agents At No Cost (Pay for Users Only)
Fully Featured Add-Ons Below
Integrated Surety Reporting
2 Click Collections

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Mobile With Forms & Credit Card
Instant ID Check
LexisNexis Background Checks
Incarceration History
Transunion Credit Scores
Real Estate Search
Defendant Watch Alerts
Vehicle Watch Alerts
Bail Applications On Your Website
Bail Agency Custom App
Automated Check-ins & Reminders
Outbound Automated Calling & Texting
Texting and Marketing Campaigns
Integrated Surety & Custom Forms
Multi Surety Support & Reporting
Integrated Docusign
Advanced Surety & Internal Reporting


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