Initial Data Set – Captira

Initial Data Set

Thank you for choosing Captira!  If you used another software solution previously we can provide a starting initial data set from your history.  Please continue to read for details on how this works.

How To Start The Initial Data Set Process


If you used one of the following companies, simply reach out to your previous provider and request a backup of your data in the standard format.



Bail Vision Pro




You can then email your backup to  If the backup is too large to email, please reach out to us at 866-955-7430 to make arrangements so we can retrieve the data.  For the best results please request a backup when all data entry in the old software has ceased.  We will extract the data listed below from your backup as your initial data set.


How To Start The Initial Data Set Process From Unlisted Software


If you did not use one of the software companies above then we will provide you an Excel template to use along with instructions to populate and return to us at

Initial Data Set

Agency Name

Agency Number

Agent First

Agent Last

Agent Middle

Agent Number

Bond Amount

Bond Number

Bond State

Case Number


Contact Address1

Contact Address2

Contact City

Contact DOB

Contact First

Contact Home Number

Contact Last

Contact Middle

Contact Mobile Number

Contact SSN

Contact State

Contact Type

Contact Zip

Defendant Address 1

Defendant Address City

Defendant Address State

Defendant Address Zip

Defendant DOB

Defendant First

Defendant Home Phone

Defendant Last

Defendant Middle

Defendant Mobile Phone

Defendant SSN

Discharge Date

Discharge Reported To Surety Date

Executed Date

Execution Reported To Surety Date

Forfeiture Date



Next Court Date

Note Date

Note Subject

Note Text



Surety Name

Void Date