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Not getting paid and tired of excuses?
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Remind. Escalate. Get Paid.

Carol Collect software is Covid-19 debtor friendly

Flexible payment plans.

Remind. Escalate. Get Paid.

Easy to use add-on that works with QuickBooks, Excel, Captira and any invoicing system. Add or import your overdue invoices. Full in-house automation with text messages and email reminders including your brand and signatures. Flexible with immediate online payment or custom payment plans for your debtors.

It all gets done for you.

Carol Collect software starts working straight away sending reminders, messages and incentives. Settings are pre-configured out of the box, this includes scheduling of reminders for texts and emails.  Automates following up weekly, biweekly or monthly at your command. No more collectors taking up your time, and your clients will love no added extra fees or nasty telephone calls. Co-signers can be included.

Why we're so different

No middleman. The cash goes straight into your account. Compassionate, but escalating requests can negotiate, use discounts, take part payments, manage disputes, setup payment plans and collect future payments for you. Free subscription plan to manage 10 debtors at a time. Take care of debtors disputes and counter offers, all within the software. Our unique optional plan can start low, to fit your debtor's budget, auto increasing by a small amount each payment! 

Add Accounts

Easily add your Debtor Accounts to support QuickBooks or other invoicing apps using built in data imports.

Automate Collections

Reminders are automated out of the box with preconfigured settings set up to help debtors start paying their invoices. 

Get Paid Online

Debtors can part pay, set up payment plans or settle in full online and you get cash into your business account. 

In hard times, debtors need simple, compassionate options including discounts and payment plans. Our unique automation includes payment plans that go up a little each month, making sure anyone can afford to start, even in the worst of circumstances.

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Text and Emails

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Online Payment

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Automate Payments &  Plans

Kevin Potter

"Cashflow, cashflow, cashflow"

Lorinda Scott

"We liked that text and email messages are understanding, but escalating, and shows we are considerate"

Sage Griffiths

"We are all about automation and efficiency!"

Find the perfect plan 
for your business

Monthly subscription with unlimited uploads and Carol Collect software will work through them at the active case rate below


$0 / month

Get Started
  • For small businesses or to see how it works
  • Actively managing 10 cases at a time


$49 / month

Use Standard
  • For medium sized businesses 
  • Actively managing 100 cases at a time


$99 / month

Use Pro
  • For larger businesses
  • Actively managing 300 cases at a time

A Success Commission below applies across all plans based on invoice date and 20 cents per dispute managed:

Regular Overdue Debtors are Free
up to 4 months overdue

Long Overdue Debtors at 10%
4 months to 1 year

Pre-legal up to 6 years old at only 30%
for older than 1 year up to 6 year old debt

First party receivables software
designed for when clients do not pay

For businesses, not 3rd party debt collectors. Our unique Automated Debt Follow Up software has been developed to support the internal Finance and Accounts Receivable functions within businesses but is not to be used by 3rd party Debt Collection companies. 

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Get Carol Collect pricing as well as any questions you might have about our product.

Carol Collect software 
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