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  • 99c per invoice
  • No debt collector necessary
  • Software that runs alongside your current business process
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Carol Collect Messages

Simply upload your Excel spreadsheet list of debtors

we also integrate with Quickbooks


It's all done for you

Easily add or import your overdue invoices in Carol Collect and watch as your customers are automatically reminded to pay their accounts. Disputes, counter offers, queries, message trails, payments, plans and much more is all tracked in one central place for you.

  • Auto Reminders for unpaid invoices
  • Automatic escalation of message tone
  • Dispute Management with tracking 
  • Counter Offers for settlement 
  • Offer Settlement discounts
  • Tracking of messages and actions
  • Identify and replace bad contact numbers & emails 
  • Offer full, part or payment plans
Carol Collect Invoices


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  • No monthly subscription
  • Only 99c per active invoice loaded
  • Unlimited uploads with 100 invoices chased at a time 

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  • Monthly subscription
  • 49c per invoice effective rate
  • Unlimited uploads with 100 invoices chased at a time 
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  • 1,000 invoices managed at a time
  • No per invoice cost
  • 10% success fee on debt collected which is older than 120 days

Contact us for Enterprise volumes
Managed Disputes 99c each for all plans

Paid by Carol Collect

Messages and Reminders

Already done, ready to go

Never stress about what to say or when to say it. Carol Collect comes with ready-to-go reminders, templates and settings so you simply add overdue invoices, your payment links and then confirm settings...the rest is handled for you.


Payment anywhere, anyhow

Send reminders to customers with a link to pay now or set up a plan that accepts credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank payments on the go, on any device.

Carol Collect Quickbooks

$100 million and growing

Carol Collect Customer

Sage Griffiths
Head of Operations, Elink-Pro

We reduced our unpaid accounts and importantly, we supported our brand through good messaging and easy to use payment options in the solution.

In hard times, debtors need simple, compassionate options
including discounts and payment plans. Our unique automation includes payment plans that go up a little each month, making sure anyone can afford to start, even in the worst of circumstances.

Find the perfect plan 
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