V1 Switch Notes – Captira

 V1 Switch Notes

There are three key steps : Move, Approve and Merge.


We have moved your V1 information into V2 and it is in a separate account so you can review it.

This is in a separate account but is a regular operational separate account. The two accounts work in parallel. Data is not switched between them automatically until the merge process.

Think of the initial step as a 'Checking' & a 'Savings' account which you can swap between. Your regular v2 account and your v1 information account(on V2) is set up the same. You will be able to merge these in future.

You may get a message “Your Trial has ended”. This can be ignored and your new V1 data account will be activated once you enter the coupon (3MONTHS) and your card details.

  • CREDIT CARD: You will be asked to add credit card details when you access the account. Please enter coupon code 3MONTHS for three months free with no base account or user fees applicable prior to merging. This is a fully functional account and any additional services used (eg Defendant Watch, automated text reminders) will be charged in the regular manner. Fees for additional services used on the account will apply if turned on.

The account, with your V1 data, is functional and can also be used to enter data, if you choose and can be run as a stand alone. The future merge will include any data you decide to enter (eg update payments or add notes for example).

On the left hand side main menu, you can see your account name and select the down arrow to switch between your current V2 account and the new V2 (V1 Approval) account. Many of the headings, like dashboard etc, will display the account name so you know what account you're in.

By default, defendant names in your current v2 account grids show as blue and in the V1 information, the names in the grids will show in green.

What was transferred

Defendant Information
- Addresses
- Employers
- Phone Numbers
- Email Addresses
- Vehicle Information
- Bonds
- Payments
- Invoices
- Check-in Schedules

System Information
- Copies of uploaded documents (these are not stored in the database itself and subject to a separate workstream being worked on)
- Custom Forms or Custom Views
- Uploaded Documents including mugshots
- Defendant Watches (these were brought into your primary V2 account)

What was not transferred

- Copies of uploaded documents (these are not stored in the database itself and subject to a separate workstream being worked on)
- Custom Forms (ask customercare@captira.com which specific forms you wish to be brought across)
- Custom Views
- Defendant Watches (these were brought into your primary V2 account)

  • Note: All your V1 data has been brought across 'as is' and will be presented in V2 in various lists and grids. You may have inconsistencies and errors introduced into V1 over years of input errors. These may become apparent as you look at this in the new V2 account. Please understand that Captira has not tried to correct or adjust any data. The data has been brought into V2 faithfully. The next phase is your time to "clean-up" the data prior to the merge process.
  •  2.Approve

We’ve kept the two accounts separate, but each is fully operational.

There is no formal approval of your V1 data but please contact customer care if you believe this data does not reflect your V1 data (all we’ve done is move your V1 data into this account)

  •  3.Merge

You can choose to run 2 separate operational accounts or merge the data into a single V2 account. If you update one account (eg with payments) this will be taken across in the merge. In addition, when merging will allow you to select the account you wish to keep as your ‘main account’ to move information into.

** Click “V1” at the bottom of the left menu and select “merge two accounts” to make use of the online merge feature when it is available. **

The ability for you, and all your staff, to see both accounts is based on using the same V1 email address for the V2 account. If different emails have been used please contact support to help change accounts so they match.

When we complete the merge, the software will highlight potential duplicate defendants and provide a feature for you to review the records and merge defendant information at an individual level.

We thank you for your patience during this tough period we have all been through and and look forward to working with you on your new V2 account with your V1 data migrated and moving forward.