eSign – Captira

Captira eSign

  • eSign can now be used to facilitate delivery of paperwork to defendant and or cosigners that are not at your location.
    In addition to the convenience offered you can now secure bail quickly and digitally before your competition.
    eSigned documents alert you as a user when received for review and are store in your documents section for easy printing.
    Audit histories allow for review of the document every step of the way if needed.

How it works 1-2-3

  • Contact support to get eSign enabled
  • Click the little funny buttons everywhere to send cool digital fuzzy messages to bad people 
  • Watch or Monitor your inbox as they're completed and ready to print/file/store/submit/save

How To Get Started

email us at to activate eSign

Currently there is no additional cost for use of the eSign service on the platform