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Captira Affiliate Program

As an affiliate you may want to understand the app in more detail. This guide will help you with key information to help you promote and sell Carol Collect.

Step #1: Watch the Quick Guide Video

The Quick Guide to Carol Collect runs you through the key features and benefits of the software. You'll see on screen software, step through key functions and get a feeling for basic configuration. Watch the 3 min video as a starting point.

Step #2: Understand the Pricing

Carol Collect has a subscription fee (free, $49 or $99) that is charged per month. Accounts can be upgraded to process greater invoice volumes but cannot be downgraded unless via support.

Customers are also billed a percentage based success fee on amounts paid against an invoice, either in full, part or plan based. There are different levels of success fees based on the aging of the invoice. 

You earn commissions on both. The goal is to get customers to load older invoices where the success fees are greater. Current invoices (0-120) draw no success fees and hence no commissions.

For detailed information on the subscriptions and success fees visit our pricing page 

Step #3: Why the app is different

The software has a few very unique features that make it stand out from other products. This will help promoting the software to prospects. They are;

No middleman. The cash goes straight into the customers payment gateway account.

Compassionate, but escalating requests with preloaded messages for instant use, can be customized.

• Debtors can negotiate using counter offers, managed through an approval process in the app.

•  Carol Collect has built in discounts for use at any stage of the reminder process to incentivise settlements.

• Debtors can make part payments, setup payment plans to collect future dated payments and take full payments all online using CC or ACH.

Debtors disputes are managed through the software with full audit trails and the ability to accept or decline disputes.

Payment plans can be fixed amounts weekly, bi monthly or monthly or they can auto increase by a small amount each payment.

• All automated communication is logged, along with users notes and files in a central location.

• The software works well to follow up 'lost' or old money tied up in unpaid invoices.

Next: The customer sign up steps

After sharing your affiliate link customers who want to sign up for the software go through these steps;

Sign Up. They will complete a standard online registration via our website

Select a Plan. They will be promoted to select a subscription plan during sign up.

Add Credit Card Details. All customers must add a credit card, even for free subscriptions, for success fees.

First Log in. They will automatically log into Carol Collect to complete app setup.

Company Settings. These are not forced but are recommended so they customise branding and email signatures.

Add Data. The will be prompted to add a single account or import their invoices. We recommend you work with them to import data early on in the process.

Payment Gateway Setup. User must either sign up for a gateway account or configure Nuvei, Stripe or PayPal settings

Get Paid. Once the gateway is configured the software will automatically start sending out reminders.

That's it! Check your affiliate dashboard for additional resources.

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