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Our 5 Week Intervention On
Overdue Accounts and Bad Debt

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Brands do not let Debt Collectors loose on their customers. In fact, 71% of US corporations write off bad debt.

Our project and proprietary tools allows effortless collection of your own debt. We manage the project, no extra staff and no Debt Collector needed.

Performance based outcomes with the execution at our cost and you get the the cash recovery.

Finance Directors Will Never Look At Bad Debt Charge-Off's The Same

1. What We Do.

We have proprietary automated tools that reaches out and escalates requests payment for amounts up to 5 years old. When your existing overdue accounts process is not working for YOUR PROBLEM debtors, engage our free project team to check your list of debtors and configure our proprietary platform to go to work for you. Full automation with text messages and email reminders including your brand and signatures. The magic is in the consistency and methodology of escalation together with custom ways for each debtor to negotiate and resolve. The defined 5 week process is flexible with discounts, counter-offers, full or part online payment or custom payment plans for your debtors. 

2. Why we're so different

No middleman. The cash goes straight into your account. Compassionate, but escalating requests can negotiate with THOUSANDS OF ACCOUNTS at the same time and offer discounts, take part payments, manage disputes, manage counter offers, setup custom payment plans and collect current and future payments for you.  No extra staff, no Debt Collectors just automated best practice managed for you by our team.

3. It all gets done for you.

We are Finance and Software people and we start working straight away sending reminders, messages and incentives. You provide the list of accounts and a few guidelines and our team manages all aspects of the process. Our scheduled reminders for texts and emails match a BEST PRACTICE escalating tone together with multiple options for your clients to easily solve their account. No more collectors taking up your time, and your clients will love no added extra fees or nasty telephone calls BUT will respond to the consistent and escalating process and options provided to them.

Captira CEO

We are far beyond a text and email follow up of overdue invoices, we are a fully automated Escalation Solution project that negotiates and brings in the $ when your existing processes don't.

Identify Problem Accounts

We accept your overdue or charged-off debtors  direct from most systems (eg Quickbooks) or simply in Excel.

Talk To Us

We will understand your approach to doing business to customize and run the project accordingly.

Get Paid Online

Debtors can part pay, set up payment plans or settle in full online and you get cash into your business account. 

In hard times, debtors need simple, compassionate options including discounts and payment plans. Our unique automation includes negotiations and finding replacement bad emails/mobile numbers. Our unique stepped payment plan option starts low and can go up a little each month, solving the MOST challenged debtor budgets so there is NO EXCUSE to not start paying you

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Online Payment

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Automate Payments &  Plans

We are not an invoicing system
We do not affect your existing process
Even if you already text and email

We get your charge off's to start paying 


Custom Quote
  • Performance based outcome
  • Overdue and written off accounts
  • Custom plans
  • Managed service

First party receivables project
designed for when clients do not pay

For businesses, not 3rd party debt collectors. Our unique Automated Debt Follow Up project and software has been developed to support the internal Finance and Accounts Receivable functions within businesses but is not to be used by 3rd party Debt Collection companies. 

Captira Consulting Projects 
Leverages Carol Collect proprietary software

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