CA Class Action – Captira

California Class Action Lawsuit 

Several Surety Companies are Defendants in a California Class Action lawsuit alleging that the surety companies conspired to set bail bond premiums in California, and to suppress rebating.

Many surety companies are working with their retail bail bond agents to gather information to provide accurate reports of bail bond transaction information, including premium charged and discounts provided.

To assist in this endeavor, Captira has designed a report to accurately export the retail agent’s bail bond transactional data as entered in Captira (Toolkit V1) by following the steps below.

Steps to Run a Report

As a Captira toolkit user a report is available in your software that can be run and submitted to your surety that provides them the information they need together with other agents, showing the untruth of the allegations made.

Step 1 - Permissons to Run the Report
◦ Navigate in Captira to the "Views" area.
◦ At the top of the screen, click the "Permissions" button.
◦ Then select the username of the individual you wish to run the report.
◦ Scroll down through the list and check the box next to Refunds, Discounts, Adjustments, & Overrides.
◦ Click "Ok" in the top left corner to close the "Permissions" window.

Step 2 - Run the Report
◦ Navigate to the Accounting>Public area. Scroll the list of reports till you find Refunds, Discounts, Adjustments, & Overrides.
◦ Set your filters on the report to equal the surety you write for and the time frame you have written for them.
◦ Click "Preview" at the top of the screen.
◦ The report will now run and display in a raw data format. Please export the data report.

Step 3 - Sending to your Surety
◦ Select the "Paper With An Arrow" icon to the right of "Wizard" in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
◦ Select your desired location, name the file, and save. You report has been run and saved in your system.
◦ The exported data report can now be emailed to your surety.

You are now complete. 

If you have any questions, please contact your surety.
Running the report questions, please email